Tips for Hites Transfer Scholarship Applicants

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Historically, Hites Transfer Scholars have been involved in civic and honors programs, participated in research, and have had their research findings published.  Their study of educational materials leads them to a better understanding of how education impacts the human drive, not to just succeed, but to overcome.

Pushing the limits of academic offerings, Hites Transfer Scholars are also striving to make a difference.  They seek ways to enrich the personal educational experience of not only themselves, but others around them.  They work to empower others to succeed in academia and have varied interests outside the academic realm.  Community involvement and significant impact on the campus and in the community lead to accolades from both peers and administrators.  Hites Transfer Scholars do not fear failure, rather embrace it as a learning experience and an opportunity to move forward.

What are judges looking for when reviewing Hites Transfer Scholarship Applications?
Judges are interested in the discussion questions that deal with academics and academic leadership.  Transcripts will be evaluated for rigor, breadth and depth of coursework and relevance to stated major field of study.  As with other programs, the application is judged on the holistic picture it gives the judging panels.  Applicants who can effectively provide information in all sections provided will find that their application is more competitive and paints a clearer picture of who they are to the judges.  Students who begin the application process early and seek the input and guidance of others will typically have a stronger application for this and other programs.

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