Tips for Guistwhite Scholarship Applicants

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Potential Guistwhite Scholars exhibit increasing participation in their Phi Theta Kappa chapter and other campus activities.  They typically initiate partnerships with other campus organizations to increase participation in events on the campus and in the community.  Past scholars have established, developed or co-founded programs, projects or organizations designed to improve student life, community environments or campus events.  They have organized various efforts on campus or in the community, and they engage with a variety of audiences to increase participation in their chapter activities or to increase membership in their chapter.

What are judges looking for when reviewing Guistwhite Scholarship Applications?
Judges are interested in the discussion question that deals with the most significant Phi Theta Kappa activity the applicant has been involved in, although the application is judged on the holistic picture it gives the judging panels.  Applicants who can effectively provide information in all sections provided will find that their application is more competitive and paints a clearer picture of who they are to the judges.  Students who begin the application process early and seek the input and guidance of others will typically have a stronger application for this and other programs.

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