PTK Scholarships vs. Scholarships for PTK Members

PTK Scholarships -

Researching scholarships is not an easy task, and applying for scholarships can be very confusing.  We hope to provide some clarification on two types of scholarships regarding PTK membership:

  1. PTK Scholarships
  2. Scholarships for PTK Members

These two categories may sound similar; however, they are actually two different types of scholarships.

PTK Scholarships (Internally-Administered)

These scholarships come directly from PTK Headquarters.  Phi Theta Kappa:

  1. creates the scholarship programs;
  2. supplies the applications on our website;
  3. assists students through the application processes;
  4. has the applications judged;
  5. and awards the students selected as scholars.

The funds from these scholarships are sent directly to the student for any educational expense they have.  We DO NOT send funds to a college, and this will not be a line item on a student's financial aid package.

For more information on PTK Scholarships, please visit our Scholarships web page.

Scholarships for PTK Members (Externally-Administered)

These scholarships come directly from the Four-Year College/University, NOT Phi Theta Kappa

Scholarships for PTK members (also known as transfer scholarships) are those that four-year colleges offer PTK members to invite them to transfer to their college.  Some important items to remember:

  • Phi Theta Kappa does NOT fund these scholarships.
    • They are administered and funded by each participating four-year college.
  • While not every four-year college offers a transfer scholarship to PTK members, over 750 four-year colleges offer scholarships to PTK members attending their schools.
  • A listing of the transfer scholarships available to PTK members is located on PTK Connect.
    • Usually, a four-year college will list their transfer scholarship for PTK members on their transfer scholarship web page as well, if one is available.
  • Eligibility criteria, award amounts, the number available, and recipients are at the discretion of each institution offering the transfer scholarship.
    • Because PTK does not administer these scholarships, we do not have any input as to the criteria set by the college.

The funds from these scholarships are provided by each participating four-year college.  Typically, these scholarships appear as a line item on a student's financial aid package because the funds come directly from the college.

For more information on the transfer scholarship opportunities for PTK members, check out our Transfer Scholarship Search.  Select your state of interest to see which colleges offer transfer scholarships to PTK members.  For complete information about these scholarship opportunities, visit PTK Connect.

**Remember, being a Phi Theta Kappa member DOES NOT guarantee a scholarship, and there are NO automatic scholarships.**


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