All-USA Academic Team Nominator Instructions

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The 2017-2018 All-USA/Coca-Cola Academic Teams, New Century, and All-State Academic Team scholarship application is now open.  Nominated students are placed in the competition for nearly $1/2 million in national scholarship opportunities through these programs.

A new scholarship has been established for career and technical students through the New Century Workforce Pathway Scholarship and the existing New Century Scholars Program will become the New Century Transfer Pathway Scholarship.  The New Century Workforce Pathway Scholarship will recognize the most outstanding workforce-bound student from each state and the New Century Transfer Pathway Scholarship will recognize the top transfer-bound student from each state. Students must be nominated for the All-USA Academic Team to be considered for these scholarships. Colleges are now encouraged to nominate four (4) students from each campus: two (2) New Century Workforce Pathway students and two (2) New Century Transfer Pathway students. One nominator per pathway scholarship may be named. Please check with your college president to determine if All-USA/New Century Transfer Pathway and the New Century Workforce Pathway will have the same nominator.  To update the nominator for your college campus(es), please complete a Change of Nominator form.

Phi Theta Kappa’s Fall Scholarship Application is hosted on a new application platform designed to streamline the user experience.  Enhancements to your nominator dashboard have also been made on the new platform. Your access to the improved dashboard and nominator instructions is below.  A webinar will be held to familiarize you with the new dashboard functionality, the Fall Application and nominating process on Thursday, November 2nd at 1:00 pm CT. Click here to register.

Our scholarship resources have been updated, with articles published not only to support completion of the scholarship application, but to provide applicants and nominators with a more robust understanding of what judging panels are seeking and tips on how to submit a more competitive application.  Tips for nominators have been updated as well and are presented in a special “Nominators Section” of our Articles Library.

Your login to Access Materials and Nominate Students:

  • Go to
  • Username: your email address
  • Password: your Password
    • If you have forgotten your password, click “Forgot Password” on the login page, and follow the prompts to change your password if needed.

Once you have logged in, hover your mouse over “Nominator” at the top of your screen next to the PTK logo and click “View Applicants”.  Hovering over “Scholarships” and selecting “Fall Scholarship Application” will take you to the student application.

Nominator Review Capability:

From your nominator dashboard, you may view student applications.  If you are the nominator for more than one campus, you will see the campuses listed in the Campus drop down field.  You have the option of viewing All Campuses or each campus separately.  Please note, a campus will only appear in your campus box if a student has selected that college/campus in their application.  You may share your username and password with other faculty members needing access for review purposes.

Sample email texts to encourage program participation or to drive application completion will be available in our Articles Library.  You may select your applicant’s email address from the grid on your Nominator page by clicking the email address then copy and paste into email.  If you would like to select all applicant email addresses, press CTRL and move your mouse over the column of emails then copy and paste into email.  Please contact professors and clubs on campus to encourage student participation, and notify students to promote access to the application. You will be able to see students with both complete and incomplete applications on your nominator homepage to assist you in determining nominees for selection. As the deadline approaches, please urge students with an incomplete application to complete their entries to be considered for these scholarships.

Student Access to the Application – View Student Applications on your Home Page:

Students will self-identify with their college on the “Background Tab” within the application. The contact information for their nominator will appear below their college section once the question is complete. Your contact information is shown to the student should they have any questions about the nomination process on your college campus. You will have access to review application information for any student that starts an application from the campus(es) in which you serve as the nominator.

Student Access to the Application:

Students log in to the application through the same link: PTK members may log in using their PTK username (their email address used at the time of membership acceptance) and password.  If they have forgotten their log in, click “Forgot Password on the login page, and follow the prompts to change the password.

Non-PTK members should visit, select “LOGIN” at the top of the screen, then click the sign up for free access link located on the right side of the page and follow the prompts to create an account.

Once the student has logged in, select “Begin Now” on the Fall Scholarship Application” block and follow the instructions to begin the application.

Nominating Students

The application is comprised of many scholarships included on this application. PTK members may apply for scholarships designated exclusively for members on this application such as the Guistwhite, GEICO Pathway to Completion Bachelor’s Degree, Hites Transfer, Calhoun Transfer and/or the TVA STEM Scholarships while simultaneously applying for the All-USA/Coca-Cola Academic Teams and New Century Transfer/Workforce Pathway Programs. Nominated students will only be considered for the All-USA/Coca-Cola Academic Team and New Century Pathway Programs.  Nominated students are also considered for placement on participating All-State Academic Teams at the discretion of the state’s designated All-State Coordinator. No action is needed on your part for applicants to be considered for the other scholarship programs.

Scholarship Programs on the Fall Scholarship Application by Nomination:

  • All-USA Academic Team – 20 Scholars, $5,000 scholarship
  • Coca-Cola Academic Team
    • 50 Gold Scholars, $1,500 scholarship
    • 50 Silver Scholars, $1,250 scholarship
    • 50 Bronze Scholars, $1,000 scholarship
  • New Century Workforce & Transfer Pathway Scholarships – 104 Scholars, $1,250-$2,250 scholarships

Scholarships on the Fall Scholarship Application (Nomination not required):

  • Hites Transfer Scholarship – 10 Scholars, $7,500 scholarship
  • Guistwhite Scholarship – 15 Scholars, $5,000 scholarship
  • GEICO Pathway to Completion Bachelor Degree Scholarship – 2 Scholars, $1,500 scholarship
  • Calhoun Transfer Scholarship – 1 Scholar $1,000 scholarship (SC residents)
  • TVA Scholarship – 2 Scholars, $2,250 scholarship (MS residents)

Each college campus can nominate up to four students per campus for the All-USA Program: two Workforce Pathway students and two Transfer Pathway students. A Workforce Pathway nominee should be planning to enter the workforce after completing a certificate or associate degree, and Transfer Pathway nominees should be planning to transfer to the four-year college after graduation.

To select your nominees, click the check mark in the “Actions” column for the students you wish to nominate. Nominating students affirms your college’s commitment to the student’s participation in the All-USA Scholarship Program.  If the nominator is not the college president, we encourage you to share the student nominee participation requirements and nominee applications with your college president. By submitting nominations, you are affirming the college’s understanding of the All USA/New Century Transfer Pathway scholar attendance at the AACC Convention in Dallas, TX, April 28-May 1, 2018.  Although optional for both college and student, the New Century Workforce Pathway Scholars will be recognized at the ACCT Leadership Congress, scheduled for October 24-28, 2018, in New York, NY.

Citizenship Eligibility Reminder:

All scholarships included on PTK’s Fall Scholarship Application, are open to students with a variety of citizenship statuses. Citizenship Eligibility noted within the Fall Scholarship Application pertains to scholarships directly administered by PTK and does not confer, suggest or imply citizenship eligibility for scholarships administered through All-State Academic Team Programs, which are administered and awarded by the respective state.


The deadline for submissions by students and nominators is by 5:00 pm CT, December 1, 2017.  As nominator, you have the responsibility of reviewing the applications of your student nominees, ensuring that the nominees meet the eligibility criteria, GPA, completeness of the applications, and submitting your nominee selections through the nominator homepage.  Please note that if you wish for students to complete their applications prior to the December 1st deadline, you will need to advertise your earlier internal deadline.

If you have questions about the process or need assistance, please contact us at


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