How do I calculate 'credits completed' for Question 1 of the Eligibility Quiz?

PTK Scholarships -

Question 1 of the PTK Scholarship Application's Eligibility Quiz asks students to provide the total number of credits completed by certain date milestones (January 2023 & December 2023). 

*This question is NOT asking how many credits you are taking each term - it's asking for a cumulative number completed by each date listed.  When answering this question, students should take the last total of credits completed and ADD IN the credits in progress each term to get your total completed as of each milestone date.  See example below:

By January 31, 2023, this student had between 12-35 credits TOTAL completed.  After completing the spring and summer 2023 terms, this student completed more classes, adding to their cumulative total of credits completed.  When including the 'in progress' credits for fall 2023, their new total of credits they plan to have completed by the time December 31, 2023, gets here now stands at more than 45 in their college career.

You'll notice that the responses for number of credits to be completed increases as the student takes and completes more classes each term.  Your credits WILL NOT decrease by term as you cannot lose hours - you only gain them.

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