Transfer Success Questions

Christy G. -

As you begin to plan your transfer, consider which questions matter to you, and don’t hesitate to ask four-year college transfer admission counselors/recruiters listed in PTK Connect!

  • How soon can I graduate?
    • As a transfer student, am I eligible to participate in accelerated programs for my degree choice? Are there options to pursue my bachelor’s and master’s degree simultaneously?
    • Could I reduce time to graduation by earning prior learning assessment (PLA) credit for work/volunteer/life experience, professional training, military service, or proficiency exams?
    • Can you tell me about any policies, resources, or support offered at your institution that could help me finish my degree in the most efficient way possible?
    • For graduation, are there limitations on the speed at which I can progress through my classes or the number of credits I must earn at your institution (i.e., residency requirement)?
  • How welcoming is the environment for transfer students?
    • Is there anything that is “off-limits” to transfer students at your institution? E.g., Honors program, study abroad, housing, priority course scheduling, earning honors distinctions at graduation.
    • What resources and opportunities do you have available for transfer students?
    • Do transfers (from my college) feel that they can easily acclimate and make meaningful relationships on campus? What are some examples/stories?
    • Does your campus offer admission for spring-entry, fall-entry, and summer-entry transfer students?
  • Which majors and minors at your institution align best with my career interests?
    • What is unique or distinguishing about the way your university offers this course of study?
    • As a transfer student, can I incorporate a study abroad experience or research into my studies?
    • Are there any corporate partnerships or internship/co-op programs to help me gain experience in my field?
    • Where can I obtain/find success metrics to help me understand graduation rates, job placement, or graduate school admittances for students in this major at your institution?
  • How will my credits transfer?
    •  What determines if my credits will transfer and how they will apply to a program of study?
    • Is there a resource available to help me compare degree programs at your institution that may be best suited for my transfer based on the credits I’ve earned?
    • Where can I find a transfer credit evaluation tool or resource to plan courses as I continue at my community college and who may I contact if I cannot find details on the transferability of a particular course?
    • When is the earliest I can find out how my transfer credits will apply to my intended degree?
  • How affordable is your institution for transfer students?
    • What timeline should I follow for submitting a transfer, FAFSA, and scholarship applications to ensure I am fully considered for all funding opportunities?
    • Does your institution offer automatic or competitive scholarships exclusively for PTK members and is the award larger than the general transfer scholarship?
    • What are the financial benefits of transferring in with an associate degree earned versus some credit?
    • To maximize scholarship opportunities, would I need to transfer in for the fall semester immediately following community college completion?
    • If I’m admitted and applied for financial aid, is it possible your institution will meet 100% of my demonstrated need with a loan-free financial aid award?
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