How to Submit Students Manually

Aariel Charbonnet -

  • This option allows you to submit students for membership and bill your college or chapter. By doing this, your students should have already paid you or your college/chapter has committed to paying for these students.  You will be responsible for payment of this invoice. 
  • Log into
  • Select Advisors from the main menu.
  • Click on the View link under Eligible Students in the Your Chapter area.


  • Check the box next to the students names that you wish to submit

  • In the Actions drop down menu, select Submit for Membership
  • Click GO

**OPTION 1: Need an Invoice**


  • Confirm the names of the students you are submitting in the box displaying the names below the billing address
  • Click Complete Order


Confirmation Page: Must get this page or else your order didn’t process

**OPTION 2: Pay via credit card**

  • Uncheck the BillMeLater Option under the billing address
  • Enter your credit card information
  • Click Complete Order

Confirmation Page:

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