How to upload your eligible students

Anne McLeod -

Step 1

  • Make sure that your eligible student file is in the correct file type and the data is formatted correctly.
  • Acceptable file types include comma-separated value files (.csv) or Excel files (.xls or .xlsx).
  • The data may be organized in any order you choose.
  • A sample of what the file should look like is below.

Step 2

  • Once your eligible student file is ready, select Advisors from the main menu, and then Upload in the Your Chapter area.
  • Click on the blue Upload Student File button.
    1. Note: If your file does not contain a title row (the row on the first line of data that says first name, last name, address, etc.) check the box above the blue Upload Student File button.
  • In the window that opens find your saved eligible student file, select it, and then click Open.




Step 3

  • Map your data fields.
    1. Note: Make sure that selection for the Phi Theta Kappa Label matches Your Label. Our system attempts to match the fields, but if it is not able to you must match them manually using the drop down menu.
  • Once you have finished mapping your data fields, click Assign.

Step 4

  • Review and confirm field names.
    1. Note: This is how your data file will look once uploaded. Please review for accuracy.
  • If it is accurate, click Submit.


If uploaded successfully, a confirmation box like the one below will appear.


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