Workforce Nominator Email Template - Seeking CTE Student Applicants

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Workforce Nominators:

Below is an email template you may use when emailing students on your campus about the PTK Scholarship opportunities.  There are certain sections that you may want to customize, depending on the internal deadline for your college, whether or not you have an All-State program in your state, etc.  These items are notated below in red.


Email Subject Line:  Seeking Outstanding CTE Students for Scholarship Nomination


Dear Students,

We are seeking outstanding CTE student leaders from our college to apply for the New Century Workforce Pathway Scholarship, offered through the All-USA Academic Team Program, which is administered on Phi Theta Kappa's website.  The student and college both have the opportunity to receive national press recognition should one of our nominees be identified as a national scholar.

At this time, we are seeking qualified CTE applications. New Century Workforce Pathway Scholars are selected based on their academic accomplishments, leadership, activities, and how they extend their intellectual talents beyond the classroom.  Last year, more than 2,000 students were nominated for national programs administered through PTK's Scholarship Application.  Only one New Century Workforce Pathway Scholar was selected from each state.

In addition, the focal point of the application for workforce students is the Workforce tab, which contains information on certifications, internships or co-ops, and volunteerism, as well as two brief discussion questions.  Judges look for innovative, creative, original, and lasting achievements or undertakings.

For more information about the scholarships available, or to apply, please visit the website below:

{Nominators, please note that you will need to change this text if you are establishing an earlier internal deadline.}

Applications must be completed and submitted no later than December 1, 2023.  Nominations will be due from colleges by December 8th.

{insert nominator signature and contact information}

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