2019-2020 PTK Application Scholarship Status

PTK Scholarships -

For those students who submitted their 2019-2020 PTK Scholarship Application before December 2nd, please note that scholarship applications are still currently in judging.  Below is an updated timeline of the fall app process:

  • Scholarship applications are judged in early 2020.
  • Students selected as scholars will be notified beginning in Spring 2020 - most likely, beginning in March and continuing per scholarship program throughout the month.
  • Funds are disbursed for Fall 2020 term; if selected as a scholar, we will contact you with further information on how to accept your scholarship and what documents are needed from you over the summer months.

All students with a completed application on file will receive an email status update at the email address used in their application in Spring 2020. Students selected as scholars will be notified first, and once all scholars have accepted their awards, students not selected will then receive an email notification.

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