2020-2021 PTK Application Scholarship Status

PTK Scholarships -

For those students who will submit their 2020-2021 PTK Scholarship Application before December 15th, please note that scholarship status emails will be sent to all students with a completed application on file in the Spring after applications have been judged.  See timeline below:

  • Scholarship applications are judged in early 2021.
  • Students selected as scholars will be notified via email throughout the month of March.
  • Funds will be disbursed for Fall 2021 term; if selected as a scholar, we will be in contact with you personally regarding how to accept your scholarship, what documents are needed from you at the time of announcement, and what may be required from you over the summer months.

All students with a completed application on file will receive an email status update at the email address used in their application by April 2021.

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