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Membership in Phi Theta Kappa does not provide you with an "automatic" scholarship at the time of transfer, only opportunity and access to scholarships administered by senior institutions. At this time, we have partnered with nearly 800 four-year universities, and those senior institutions are offering more than $40 million in transfer scholarship opportunities to our members. 

All current transfer scholarships are housed in PTK Connect, our new web platform to help transfer or career-bound students search scholarships, colleges and career pathways!  You can log in on the PTK website ( with your PTK username and password.  PTK Connect allows you to select your favorite colleges and universities, research and compare scholarships to find the perfect fit for you, and plan for your career in reverse by investigating which academic majors align with your career interests while you explore salary averages and job availability in your area. 

If the senior institution that you are interested in honors PTK members with any type of scholarship, it will be listed, along with pertinent contact information for that scholarship.

Please note that the PTK transfer scholarships found in PTK Connect are funded and administered directly by the college or university that offers those funds – they are not transferable between schools and are not administered by our Scholarships team.   For questions and information regarding individual transfer scholarships, you will need to contact the "Contact" person listed in PTK Connect for each scholarship.

Maximize your membership benefits and PTK experience by taking full advantage of this FREE, online tool, accessible 24/7.  We wish you the best as you explore your options and prepare for the next steps in your educational or career journey.



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