What is PTK Connect?

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PTK Connect is a convenient, interactive, one-stop shop research tool.  This online platform is exclusively designed for high-achieving, community college students looking to transfer to 4-year colleges to further their education. It is free and accessible to ALL PTK members!

How does PTK Connect benefit our PTK members?

  1. Connect with Colleges
    • Organize your transfer search by choosing your favorite colleges. Evaluate transfer-friendliness ratings, compare college profiles, and discover scholarship opportunities to inform your decisions.
  2. Connect with Scholarships
    • Research and compare scholarships to find the perfect scholarship just for you. Find a college willing to invest in you and increase the affordability of your transfer journey.
  3. Connect with Career Pathways
    • Plan for your career in reverse. Investigate which academic majors align with your career interests while exploring salary averages and job availability in your chosen field.


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