PTK Connect vs. PTK Transfer Edge

Christopher Bingham -

Transfer Edge provides common knowledge and best practices that will give members the resources they need to successfully transfer to a university that meets their academic and career needs. It guides students in searching for and selecting colleges that match their academic needs, gaining admission to those colleges, securing solid financial aid packages, and succeeding at the 4-year college level.

While Transfer Edge guides students through every step of the transfer process, PTK Connect is more specific. It allows students to search for specific colleges and see the particular benefits of those colleges. For example, for a 4-year university, PTK Connect would tell me how expensive tuition is, if the university offers transfer scholarships, if it offers online degrees, and statistics about the school’s transfer student population and admission rates. It also provides links to the college’s main pages like Financial Aid, Admissions, etc. But it does not teach you the process of transferring. Transfer Edge does that.

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