Moving a member from the alumni roster to the member roster

Kimberly Wooten -

Alumni Roster to My Society Roster

  • Log into
  • Click on ‘Advisors’
  • Go to Rosters under Your Chapter and click on ‘Alumni’


  • Search for the student using the search box
    • The search criteria are automatically set to search for members that have been moved to alumni within the last 10 years. If the member you are looking for is not found in this list, I would suggest change the dates under Alumni After Date in the search box.

  • After you find the member you wish to move back to your active member roster, click on the date in the Alumni After Date column.


  • Change the Alumni After Date to a future date.
  • Click ‘Save’


  • Click on the gray ‘My Society’ tab

  • Search for the member in the search box
  • You should now see the member in your roster of current members (My Society) with a future Alumni After Date.
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