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Employment Edge is a professional development course with a primary focus of preparing individuals to successfully enter the workforce. It coaches participants on the actions they need to take to achieve employment success.  

 Let's start with a brief preview of the course. Employment Edge is split into four modules (Aim, Act, Advance Achieve). Here is what you can expect from each module.


Aim at your destiny by clarifying your employment goals, choosing a target career, assessing your employment skills and developing some networking skills. Then, it's all things internships!

Internships are the best way to gain employment experience and discover if the target career you've chosen is right for you. Through video, you'll spend a day in the life of company interns to get a better feel for the opportunities that internships provide. You'll learn how to search and apply for internships and get some advice directly from internship and employment professionals. Finally, you'll put your knowledge into practice by searching for a few internships of your own. You'll receive and achievement badge after completing this module. 

Learning outcomes for AIM

As you engage in these resources, you will...

  • Identify your employment goals
  • Apply career assessment skills
  • Identify career specific and general employment skills
  • Explore internships
  • Develop soft networking skills
  • Explore employment advice from real-world employers 



Your secret's safe with me, I wasn't even listening.

Actions speak louder than words, and in this module, you'll Act. You'll learn about resume and cover letter writing, tailoring your experience to specific careers, the benefits of LinkedIn, and grooming your online reputation. Then, you'll put it all into action by padding your electronic journal with essential job application resources, setting up a LinkedIn account and making some connections.

Finally, you'll get more advice directly from an employer about achieving employment success. Another badge is coming your way!


Learning outcomes for ACT

As you engage in these resources, you will...

  • Identify the benefits of professional networking sites
  • Identify the process for crafting an effective resume and cover letter
  • Identify strategies for protecting your online employment reputation (digital footprint)
  • Identify the steps of an effective job search
  • Explore employment advice from real-world employers 



Time to Advance to the big leagues. You're really making progress! This module digs deeper into requirements of the employment process. You'll learn about effective networking on a larger scale, finding a Bridge Person, working with corporate recruiters, branding yourself, proving your worth and get an introduction to job interviewing. You'll receive employment advice from an employer and continue to pad your electronic journal. Show me the badge!  


Learning outcomes for ADVANCE

As you engage in this module, you will...

  • Develop hard networking skills
  • Build networking contacts
  • Develop an elevator pitch
  • Review Career Fairs
  • Identify stages of the interview process
  • Explore employment advice from real-world employers



You’re now ready to Achieve employment success. You've earned your way to an invitation for an interview, and now it's time to shine. In this module, you'll learn about how to stand out during an interview (including common interview questions and the best way to answer them), the STAR method (including common STAR interview questions and how to answer them), displaying confidence and positive body language during an interview, writing a thank you letter, negotiating salary, and benefits packages.

You'll hear from another employer and, of course, continue to pad your journal. Finally, you'll add another badge to your collection!


      Learning outcomes for ACHIEVE

As you engage in these resources, you will...

Identify steps to succeed in the interview process

Explore the STAR interview technique

Develop a thank-you letter

Explore the components of applicant tracking software

Identify the basics of salary negotiation and benefits packages 

Identify each step of the employment process

Explore employment advice from real-world employers 


Throughout this course, you’ll build a career journal that includes most of the items you’ll need to apply for a job. So be sure to engage in the required activities so that you’ll have this resource to take with you.



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