Transfer Edge FAQ

Chasity Harmon -

What is Transfer Edge?

Transfer Edge is a self-paced professional development course with a primary focus on preparing participants to successfully transfer. It coaches participants on the actions they need to take to achieve transfer success.  

Who should take the course?

Transfer Edge is designed to benefit all Phi Theta Kappa constituents. If you are considering transfer as part of your career plans, this course is for you. Members, alumni, and advisors may complete the course.

What do we get for taking the course?

You will receive an electronic badge (micro-credential) to verify your new skills after completing each level of the course.

What are Electronic Badges (micro-credentials)?

A micro-credential is an electronic credential that verifies a new skill or accomplishment. You may display your badge across the web to showcase your achievement. This course offers five badges (one at the completion of each module). Each badge verifies your achievement in Transfer Excellence.

When and how will I get my badge?

Your digital badge will be emailed to you when completion of a module has been verified. Keep in mind that the distribution of your credential may not be instant, so don't worry if you do not receive it right away.

Do we get a pin?

Plans are in the works to offer participants who complete all five levels of Transfer Edge the option to purchase a pin. Stay tuned!

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