2019 PTK Scholarship Application Overview

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**For the full 13-page PTK Scholarship Application Overview, which includes screenshots and other helpful hints/tips, please click the PDF located at the bottom of this article.**

The Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship Application contains access to nearly $1 million in scholarship opportunities, over $41 million in scholarships for All-State Academic Team members, as well as national and statewide recognition. Scholarships included on this application are: the All-USA/Coca-Cola Academic Team Programs, New Century Pathway program, Hites Transfer, Guistwhite, Tennessee Valley Authority STEM, GEICO Pathway to Completion Bachelor’s and Associate’s Degree programs, Oberndorf Lifeline to Completion Scholarships, as well as the Coca-Cola Leaders of Promise Scholarships, Richard L. Resurreccion Public Safety Scholarships, Pearson Scholarship for Higher Education, Workforce Development programs, TEK Productions Scholarship, Walgreens Pharmacy Technician Scholarship, and several regional scholarships in Mississippi, Texas, South Carolina, Alabama, Florida and Tennessee.

Applicants will complete a quiz that is built into the application to determine eligibility. If a student is eligible for programs on this application, shared tabs will open for completion. If the quiz determines that a student is ineligible to apply, the scholarship application will remain locked, and the student will not be given access. Phi Theta Kappa members have one additional tab to report PTK activities that a non-member will not see.

Please note the following changes to PTK’s Scholarship App:

  • Year-Round Application—The scholarship application is now available year-round! With one application, students are considered for all of PTK’s internally administered scholarships, and they do not have to fill out separate applications in the fall and spring as they have in the past. Students should login to the application at the start of each semester to update their eligibility quiz, which allows them to see what new scholarships they are eligible to compete for. There will be two application cycles with deadlines in the spring & fall. The Year-Round Application allows students to continually build upon their application throughout the year. Responses will not be cleared until December annually.
  • Letter of Recommendation—The students are responsible for obtaining and uploading their Letter of Recommendation. Should students have questions about the content or format of a letter of recommendation, a link has been provided to an article that outlines both content and format. If a recommender is uncomfortable with providing the letter directly to the student, please contact the Scholarship team at scholarship.programs@ptk.org for an alternate solution.
  • Proof of Citizenship—Applicants are required to upload their proof of citizenship at the time of application. Forms of acceptable proof of citizenship can be accessed here.
  • New Workforce Tab—We have created a new tab for career-bound students that is tailored to their unique experience. This tab is only visible to workforce (career-tech) students and includes condensed questions that are more relevant to their interests and experiences.

**For the full 13-page PTK Scholarship Application Overview, which includes screenshots and other helpful hints/tips, please click the PDF below.**

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