Leadership Development Studies, 6th Edition FAQs

Chasity Harmon -

What is Leadership Development Studies?

Leadership Development Studies is a self-paced leadership development course available for free to all PTK members. The program harnesses the power of dialogue-based learning and applies it to classic cases, leadership profiles, TED Talks, podcasts, film studies, and experiential learning exercises. The result is a program that teaches members how to lead from wherever they are in their academic careers.  

Who should take the course?

Anyone who wants to grow as a leader. While many colleges offer this curriculum as a for-credit course taught by a Certified Instructor, we think that all PTK members should have a chance to learn this material. That’s why we let you work through the course on your own at http://leadershipstudies.ptk.org

How do I get to the next level in the course?

The course requires participants to master certain material before moving on to the next level. Be sure to read the section on “Course Flow” to better understand how this process works. If you have questions about how to get to the next level or if you have issues with the processing of your quizzes, just send an email to PTK’s Curriculum Designer, Ragan Chastain. You can reach her at ragan.chastain@ptk.org 

What do we get for taking the course?

Participants get to explore their own leadership philosophy and learn how to become better leaders. We are working on a pin to recognize completers, but for now, the best reward is what you learn about yourself through taking the course. Chapter officer teams can also work through the material together to become a more effective team.

Should I include this course on my resume, scholarship responses, and transfer applications?

Absolutely! Most applicants will not have had access to this widely recognized leadership curriculum. By working through it, you are giving yourself an edge on your competition. You are also demonstrating for potential employers and universities that you take leadership and learning seriously. So, complete the course and then acknowledge that achievement on your resume. You may also want to use what you learned for responses to transfer and scholarship essays.

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