Chapter Fees

Kimberly Wooten -

Chapter Fee Guidelines – suggestions on how to utilize your local chapter fee

$0 - $10

  • Make membership affordable for students
  • Purchase additional recruitment materials not offered by PTK HQ
  • Assist with induction ceremony costs

$11 - $24

  • Travel to local, regional, and international events
  • Scholarships for membership
  • Refreshments for chapter-sponsored events
  • Design and purchase chapter t-shirts for members
  • Stipend for advisor/officers to be used for travel

$25 – $35

  • Start/restart a chapter
  • Offer members more items free of charge on behalf of the chapter (Ex: graduation regalia)
  • Increase chapter engagement (Ex: Additional resources for HiA/College Project)

Should you need to change your local chapter fee please reach out to your Divisional Specialist at  It is best to make local fee changes at the beginning of the academic term before invitations are sent.

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