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Updated: 06.06.2024

Q:  What is PTK Transfer Honor Roll?

A:  PTK Transfer Honor Roll is a competitive, national recognition program designed to showcase transfer-friendly institutions. There is no cost to apply. Some of the answers that you provide will be used to enhance the institutional profile that is visible and searchable among transfer-bound students who are navigating PTK Connect to research best-fit transfer destinations and scholarships. 


Q:  Why should I apply for PTK Transfer Honor Roll?

A:  We hope you will benefit from this opportunity to take inventory and evaluate the nature of the transfer experience at your institution. Identifying strengths and weaknesses can be useful in the development of transfer recruitment/enrollment goals and strategies, to inform a campus-wide dialogue on transfer student success, in creating a proposal or justifying a request for resources, for prospecting new campus partners or allies, and for the sake of continuous improvement efforts. Institutions named to the PTK Transfer Honor Roll can leverage PTK’s endorsement in a variety of creative ways to recruit future students. It is also an opportunity to gain free year-round publicity and exposure for your institution.


Q:  How do I apply for PTK Transfer Honor Roll?

A:  Navigate to and enter your PTK Connect log in credentials (contact to request free access). From the PTK Connect dashboard, click Transfer Profile. Answer as many questions as fully as possible on all six tabs. Remember to click save at the bottom of each screen. Work collaboratively with colleagues to avoid duplication of effort or the potential for overwriting data. Updates and edits to your Transfer Profile, reflecting the 2023-2024 academic year, must be made before December 31, 2024, by 5 pm Central Time for your institution to be automatically considered for recognition. No additional action or notification is needed.


Q:  How does the scoring work?

A:  There is an algorithm computing the transfer-friendly rating based on a weighted analysis. As you input answers to the questions across the 6 tabs, your “transfer-friendly rating” or score will continue to increase. If you cannot answer a question/s, or if asked to list 5 items and you can only provide 4, please note that your institution will still be in the running for Transfer Honor Roll consideration. After the December 31st deadline, the institutions with a transfer-friendly score among the top 25% will be recognized on the 2025 PTK Transfer Honor Roll. Recipients will be listed alphabetically and not ranked.


Q:  Who will see our transfer friendly rating?

A:  The score will not be displayed publicly. It is strictly used on an internal basis to identify the institutions scoring within the top 25% to award PTK Transfer Honor Roll recognition. As you’re updating and saving data, you’ll notice if you click "Find Colleges" on your PTK Connect dashboard and search and select your institution, then some of the data you’re providing on those Transfer Profile tabs is now appearing as part of your enhanced profile that’s visible to prospective students.


Q:  What happens with the data and responses that I provide on the Transfer Profile?

A:  Enhancing your Transfer Profile creates excellent exposure for your institution. Transfer-bound students are actively searching, viewing, and even favoriting institutional profiles on our PTK Connect platform to help inform their transfer decision. Please note, students will not see every response that you’ve provided to enhance your Transfer Profile. For example, your responses to “Top 5 Recruitment Strategies” will not be publicly visible to prospective students. If you’d like to see how your institution’s profile appears in the eyes of a student, click “Find Colleges” from the PTK Connect dashboard, and start typing the name of your institution in the first box labeled “search by campus.” Most of the data/information that you’ve saved to the Transfer Profile will appear in the center column. With a PTK Connect subscription, you will be able to download the contact information for all prospective transfer students who view and/or favorite your institution’s profile in addition to conducting broader student searches.


Q:  What happens if I check mark the box to opt into the National Student Clearinghouse release on the first tab of the Transfer Profile?

A:  If you opt into the Clearinghouse release, then we will obtain data from NSC to serve as responses to the question set on the first tab of your Transfer Profile labeled Clearinghouse. Opting into the Clearinghouse release will not disqualify or disadvantage your institution. Please note, you will still need to provide responses to the question sets on the other five tabs labeled Admissions, Attendance Cost, Campus Life, Recruitment, & Student Reviews.


Q:  What are the data definitions used by National Student Clearinghouse to answer the first 3 questions on the Transfer Profile? 


Data Element Description/Definitions Formula
1. Percent of vertical transfers in student body for each four-year college Vertical Transfer is defined as any undergraduate student who previously attended a two-year degree granting institution. Total unduplicated headcount of vertical transfers from most previous fall term / total unduplicated headcount of undergraduates from most previous fall term
2. Total number of vertical transfers Vertical Transfer is defined as any undergraduate student who previously attended a two-year degree granting institution. Total unduplicated headcount of vertical transfers from most previous fall term
3. College completion rate of vertical transfer cohort Cohort defined: Entering vertical transfers with at least 45 hours of transfer credit (1.5 years) and attending full-time at the university/four-year college during the semester of entry.

Cohort tracking: NSC will track cohort of students for 4.5 years (6 years total)

Example: Fall 2016 tracking cohort is given until end of Fall 2021 to graduate
Total number of bachelor's degree completers / total students in completion cohort


Q:  How do I know if I should check mark boxes on the Admissions tab to indicate whether our institution is friendly for various populations? 


Data Element Description/Definitions Formula
International Student Friendly
  • Has clear admissions and financial aid policies with unique considerations for DACA, undocumented students, and USA student visa holders.
  • Financial aid policies that consider the wide variety of demonstrated needs.
    • Extends need-based financial aid decisions to students
    • Need-blind admissions applies to all student regardless of residency status
    • Set aside financial aid support for specific group
  • Has support and advisement staff with expertise in the unique needs of DACA, Undocumented, and USA student visa holders.
  • Provides information and support on matters that affect residency status or visa.
  • Accepts transfer credits earned outside of the US.
  • Student life, activities, and environment where students feel welcome and safe.
Institution meets some or all criteria.
DACA/Undocumented Student Friendly
  • Do not consider the immigration status of students at the point of admissions.
  • Have special admissions programs based on state residency, or other defining factors (Example: completion of high school in USA and/or state).
  • Have clear policies and/or staff who specialize in addressing the concerns and challenges of these students.
  • Provide financial aid to students (merit and/or need-based) regardless of status.
  • Apply national financial aid guidelines even if student is admitted through their international admissions process.
Institution meets some or all criteria.

It is important to note that policies around DACA/undocumented students are subject to rapid change. Please focus on the current policies.
LGBTQIA Student Friendly
  • Environment where students and faculty feel safe, accepted, and comfortable.
  • Policies are LGBT-inclusive and protect against discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender/identify expression.
  • Student body and faculty are accepting and supportive of members of the community.
  • Established LBGTQ Center and support services.
  • Active LGBTQ student organization.
  • LGBTQ-inclusive housing.
  • Gender-inclusive bathrooms throughout campus.
  • Visible signs of gay pride.
Institution meets some or all criteria.
Veteran/Military Service Member Friendly
  • Take part in the Yellow Ribbon Program
  • Dedicated recruitment and admissions staff with expertise accessing GI Bill.  
  • Have a veteran’s affairs office or staff assigned to veteran services with expertise in retired and active status students. 
  • Military schools that are focused on training service personnel.
  • Have specific scholarships or grants earmarked for veterans.
  • Provide veterans and their families with appropriate on-campus housing or resources for funding off-campus housing.
  • Transfer credit evaluation of military transcript, ACE, CLEP, DSST or active-duty time served.
Institution meets some or all criteria.
Dual Enrollment Friendly
  • Considers the totality of the student’s high-school experience, and college credits, including credits earned at community colleges.
  • Has clear policies on college-credit acceptance that seeks to maximize the number of credits transfer and fulfillment of academic/degree requirements.
  • Provides specialized recruitment and enrollment services and information that provides a clear picture on policies.
  • Flexible policies that make it possible for student to take advantage of freshman or first-year services, while acknowledging college experience.
Institution meets some or all criteria.
Non-Traditional/Adult & Family Friendly
  • Maintain policies for reduced credit load in recognition of family responsibilities. 
  • Have established programs supporting non-traditional students from the point of admission to the completion of their degrees. 
  • Provide on-campus housing for families or graduate housing for non-traditional-age undergraduate students.
  • Provide year-round housing, making it possible for students to have consistent living arrangements.
  • Have continuing education programs for nontraditional students with family obligations and provide financial aid. 
  • Accept and recognize non-traditional students and families as an important part of the mission and fabric of their school.
Institution meets some or all criteria.


Q:  How can I gain clarification on the meaning of a phrase or question? 

A:  Position your cursor exactly over the tiny blue question mark icons that appear throughout the survey. If you hover precisely on the question mark (don’t click, just point) then a tool tip will open.


Q:  What score do I need to achieve to make the Honor Roll?

A:  There is no pre-established cut score. Landing in the top 25% will depend on the scores of the other institutions who opt to enhance their Transfer Profile prior to the deadline.


Q:  How can I maximize my score?

A:  Do not leave anything blank!  Check marking the Clearinghouse opt-in box on the first tab and leaving the first 3 questions blank will not result in a penalty. However, for all remaining questions on the other 5 tabs, please be as thorough as possible. For example, if a question asks for your “top 3,” then be sure to list 3 items. Even uploading a Campus Profile, Campus Photos, and Campus Videos can help to maximize your scoring. Don’t forget to click save at the bottom right corner of each screen as you’re making edits. Otherwise, the changes will not take effect and your score will not change.


Q: What happens if we are recognized for PTK Transfer Honor Roll?

A:  Transfer Honor Roll institutions will receive the following:

  • Transfer Honor Roll Press Kit, including a press release and seal for promotions
  • National recognition through various media channels
  • Transfer-friendly rating, useful for self-evaluation
  • Recognition in PTK Partners in Excellence publication
  • PTK website, press release, and social media acknowledgement
  • Commemorative award and certificate of recognition

Q:  Do we have to subscribe to PTK Connect or offer a PTK Scholarship to be recognized on Transfer Honor Roll?

A:  Neither are required; however, the Recruitment section of the Transfer Profile does ask about PTK Connect usage and PTK Scholarship designation. Please contact for more details on subscribing to PTK Connect or to learn about the free perks and benefits associated with offering a PTK Scholarship at your institution.


Q:  How can I add a logo or picture to appear next to my school’s name in PTK Connect?

A:  Navigate to the Campus Life tab within your Transfer Profile and upload the image as your Campus Profile Photo. If you put your cursor perfectly on the little blue question mark (tool tip) near where you upload the pic, then you will find additional details about the file format/size. Make sure after you upload it that you also click save in the bottom right corner. From your PTK Connect dashboard, click "Find Colleges" and locate your institution using the search tool. This will allow you to see how the image (and other information) appears in the eyes of a student.


Q:  Where can I learn more about the eligibility requirements and application process?

A:  Please visit for additional details or contact


Q:  How else can I maximize exposure for my institution?

A:  Besides updating your Transfer Profile annually, PTK Connect also allows you to promote and advertise your transfer scholarships. From your PTK Connect dashboard, click "Manage Scholarships" and create listings (free of charge) for all scholarships open to transfer students and/or PTK members at your institution. Over 800 four-year institutions offer a PTK scholarship, and we offer free perks and benefits to new scholarship partners. A PTK Connect subscription would enable you to self-direct and customize searches of our database to obtain transfer student leads. Activating this student search functionality would provide you with an ideal, target audience to share details about your transfer or PTK scholarships, offer application fee waivers, or simply to invite students to connect with an admission counselor or attend an event you’re hosting. For additional engagement and partnership options, please review our Partners in Excellence publication. Our College Relations staff would love to meet via Zoom for a free strategy session to help customize a partnership that will meet your recruitment objectives. Contact us at or 866-286-8453.

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