Honors in Action FAQs

Jennifer Stanford -

Where can I locate HIA resources?

You can find a host of HIA resources at https://ptk.org/programs/honors-in-action-details/. Among the resources located on this page are the Honors Program Guide, the Honors in Action Workbook, the HIA Planning Rubric, Academic Sources Guide, Journaling Guide, and more.


Where do I start an HIA Project?

An HIA project starts with reviewing the Honors Program Guide and selecting one of the themes that will serve as the lens through which your team will investigate PTK’s biennial Honors Study Topic. Check out more information at https://ptk.org/programs/honors-in-action-details/. You can use the Honors Program Guide, the Honors in Action Workbook, and the HIA-at-a-Glance graphic to learn and follow the HIA process.


What type of citations are required for HIA Hallmark Award entries?

PTK requires that you use APA citations for your HIA Hallmark Award entries. You can find more information about how to write APA citations in the Chapter Leaders Activities Guide and in Research Edge.


Can the action component be determined before conducting academic research for our HIA project? Our chapter already knows what we want to do.

No. It's very important to complete your academic investigation and develop your research conclusions before determining the action piece of your HIA Project. Otherwise, your action may be misguided and not achieve the results you desire. 

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