Leadership Development Studies FAQs

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What is PTK's Leadership Development Studies?

This is Phi Theta Kappa's internationally renowned, exclusively online curriculum that takes a humanities approach to leadership. Units such as developing a personal leadership philosophy, empowering others, guiding through conflict, realizing change, and more are explored through classic cases, leadership profiles of diverse leaders, TED Talks, podcasts, film studies and experiential exercises. Students of all majors will benefit from this course.

Phi Theta Kappa also provides certification sessions to equip faculty, administrators, and other professionals with the credentials necessary to teach this unique curriculum in a variety of settings. 

Where can I find PTK’s Leadership Development Studies curriculum?

You can find PTK’s Leadership Development Studies curriculum at https://leadershipstudies.ptk.org. Log in with your regular PTK username and password. The course is free to all PTK members and chapter advisors.


Can students who are not yet members of PTK take the Leadership Development Studies course?

Yes. Students who are not yet PTK members can access the course for a $10 access fee. To do so, they first create a guest account at the log-in page at https://leadershipstudies.ptk.org.


Can I move freely around the online PTK Leadership Development Studies course?

Start by reading all the course instructions. Then, once you’ve read the course instructions, start at the beginning with Unit 1: Developing a Personal Leadership Philosophy. You must go entirely through all of Unit 1 including the readings, TED Talks, videos, activities, exercises, and the final 10-question quiz before moving on to the other 9 units. Once you fully complete the course instructions and Unit 1, you will be able to move through the remaining units in any order you choose.


How can I become certified to teach PTK’s Leadership Development Studies curriculum?

Chapter advisors, faculty, administrators, fulltime staff, and alumni who have graduated at least 5 years ago are eligible to participate in a certification session. Those people who complete the certification course are eligible to teach PTK’s Leadership Development Studies curriculum. For more information, go to https://portal.ptk.org/Programs/LeadershipDevelopmentStudies/FacultyCertification.aspx or contact Susan Edwards at susan.edwards@ptk.org.

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